Beef Brisket Jewish Recipes

Beef Brisket is a large cut of beef that provides enough food to feed the extended family and a few extra friends

Savory Beef Brisket



One of the most commonly prepared dinner recipes in Jewish communities is the Jewish beef brisket recipe. It is made from a cut of beef that comes from the breast area of the cow. Brisket meat is commonly found at Sabbath family dinner tables because it is an affordable cut that provides enough meat for a large family or for large gatherings of family and friends. Recipes for beef brisket are an excellent instance of Jewish holiday recipes.

The beef meat in this cut has a lot of collagen and connective tissues that will need to be rendered out before you serve it to your family. To do this you will need to know the proper methods for cooking brisket, which is long and slow. Cooking beef long and slow will melt the collagen and make the meat easier to cut and chew. If you are a Kosher Jewish family then you will want to make sure that the meat has been properly slaughtered and you will want to make sure that you salt the meat before cooking it.

Most beef brisket Jewish recipes use a braising method for cooking the beef. Braising is basically cooking the meat in a shallow pan of water and spices. As the meat cooks the water evaporates and moistens the meat. The drippings then fall into the water and create a delicious gravy which can be thickened with flour after the meat has been removed. For the best results when cooking with these traditional Jewish recipes, you will want to cook the brisket with the fat side up. This will protect the top of the beef meat roast from drying out.

Beef Brisket

What You Need:
Roasting pan and cover
Preheated oven set at 325 degrees

Brisket of beef - first cut - 3 to 5 pounds
Have butcher cut off the fat.
Some meat markets do not carry this type of meat, but you can place a special order.
Some require you to take the whole brisket, so the extra meat can be ground into hamburger.

1 chicken cut into eighths
2 cloves garlic cut into small pieces
Large baking potatoes (as many as you like for your family and leftovers)
3 very large onions
1/2 cup of ketchup
2 teaspoons Worcheshire sauce
3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons dry mustard (or regular mustard)

Peel and slice onions. Line bottom of roasting pan with slices from two onions. Put enough water in pan to cover onions. Place brisket on top of onions. Sprinkle garlic over brisket. Sprinkle generously with paprika.

Mix together ketchup, Worcheshire sauce, lemon and mustard. Pour over brisket. Cover and bake for 2 hours.

Every 1/2 hour baste meat from gravy. Add water as needed.

Add chicken and potatoes. Baste with gravy. Cover and bake for 1 more hour.

Uncover and bake for 1/2 to 1 hour longer, or until meat is tender when pierced with a fork.

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